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WAYS in concert (Friedenskirche) — CANCELLED —


Bismarckstraße 40
10627 Berlin

WAYS in CONCERT: 90 minutes for our fans and everyone who wants to become one. Our Pop-Soul/Gospel repertoire has grown: for instance, Gunars has arranged „Freedom“ by George Michael for us. We adore the new (and old) songs and cannot wait to hear what you think. Update on April 24th, 2020: Sadly we have to cancel this concert. In the current situation no one knows yet when events with 200 people will be allowed again.

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Fête de la Musique in Passionskirche — CANCELLED—


Marheinekeplatz 1
10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Our premiere at the Fête de la Musique: Finally, we get to be part of this magical event in musical Berlin and bring people together with „Songs with a meaning“. We’re hoping you’ll come, too. Update on April 24th, 2020: The organizers are currently considering moving the Fête de la Musique to a later date. But nothing has been decided yet. When the Passionskirche is available at the new date and organizes its choir festival we’ll certainly perform in the festival, too.

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Gospel Festival in Hanover — CANCELLED—


At the gospel music festival in Hanover called Gospelkirchentag (Gospel Church Day), we’ll be performing in a church on opening night with one or two other choirs. This is a really great opportunity for us to showcase our repertoire outside Berlin and we’re truly excited to see what the other choirs have in store and of course, to finally get to experience the legendary Gospelkirchentag atmosphere. Edit: Originally the Gospelkirchentag was scheduled for the weekend 10th-12th September 2020, but due to the corona pandemic, the festival had to be postponed to the 17th-19th September 2021.

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